Friday, August 2, 2013

Let it Grow, Let it Grow, Let it Grow!

Happy New Month! August is here, and Saturday August 3rd marks 70 days since we first saw the baby wheat poking out of the ground. From what we have found out it should be ready to harvest between 90 and 100 days, which will be Labour Day Weekend.
Starting to change from Green to Gold!
Grandpa Laurie was by the other day to check out the wheat. He figures that the beards on our wheat are bigger than the ones he remembers as a kid on the prairies. Maybe it is because there are different kinds of wheat, and they all look a little bit different from one another.
Measuring up
The wheat now stands between 80cm and 90 cm tall. That's about 32 to 35 inches or so for those who get inches more than centimetres. In a big rain shower the wheat gets heavy and flops over, and the first time it did this we were worried it would stay down, but it didn't. After the sun and wind dry it out it stands back up again. We noticed that we are not the only ones minding the wheat either...the ants seem to like it!
Why do the Ants like the Wheat?
We know that the ants like our peonies and that they help to open the flowers, but seeing the ants in the wheat is a bit of a surprise. No other insects or spiders seem to hang around in the wheat like the ants do. Are they finding something to eat in there?
Neat to see it wave around in the wind too.
The wheat sure looks different than it did when it first emerged as tiny blades of grass. And the yard looks really different from when we started this project on April 20th. There was still snow on the ground! Pretty soon we have to figure out about harvesting, stooking, drying and those steps. Right now we just have to hope for good growing weather for another 30 days. Grow wheat grow!

That is all we know so far.

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